Property Transfer

For the admission of any transferable (car, furniture or body) to Lebanon, all papers should be legalized at the Honorary Consulate.

Original documents will be returned to the applicant.

Transfer of Body

  1. Medical Certificate, and Statement of Death, issued by the Canadian Government.
  2. Certificate for shipment of body.
  3. Burial Transit permit.
  4. Letter of non-contagious diseases issued by an authorized health institution.
  5. Letter of embalming.
  6. Letter of sealed casket.
  7. Original Passport of the deceased, with two photocopies of its first three pages.
  8. Lebanese ID of the deceased (Tazkarat al-Hawiya or Ikhraj Kayd).
  9. Death should be registered at the Honorary Consulate. See section: Registration of Death.

Transfer of Car

  1. For the fees of the invoice call the Honorary Consulate of Lebanon.
  2. The original papers of the car (Certificate of Registration – ownership)
  3. Original Invoice (Bill of Sale) legalized by the Chamber of Commerce,
  4. Bill of Sale should show the following statement:
    • “We hereby certify that this invoice is authentic that is the only invoice issued by us for the goods described herein and that it shows the exact value without deduction or any discount and that their origin is exclusively from USA or Japan or Canada…”.

  5. Original Certificate of Origin legalized by the Chamber of Commerce. The Certificate of Origin should show the following statement:
    • “We hereby declare that the mentioned merchandise is being exported for our own account. The goods are entirely of Canadian origin and the materials of North American origin and contain no parts from any another country.”

  6. $144.00 CDN payable to the Honorary Consulate of Lebanon.
  7. The car should be less than 7 years old.

Transfer of Furniture

  1. Original detailed notarized packing list.
  2. An affidavit from the applicant (with one photocopy) testifying that he resided in Canada for more than three years and that he intends to leave to Lebanon permanently.
  3. This affidavit should show the complete address of the applicant in Canada and Lebanon and should be notarized by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.
  4. Original Lebanese ID (Tazkarat al-Hawiya or Ikhraj Kayd or Lebanese passport).
  5. A proof of three years residence in Canada.
  6. $144.00 CDN cash, payable to the Honorary Consulate of Lebanon.

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